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Chemsafety has fifteen experienced chemical consultant graduates ready to work closely with your companies representatives providing expert advice to effectively and efficiently identify, manage, or solve chemical risk situations that may have arisen.  Services include:

  • Chemical hazard identification (including asbestos and noise)

  • Dust, fume, and air quality monitoring

  • Elimination, isolation, and minimisation system advice

  • Respirator and PPE advice and fit testing

  • Chemical storage assessment and location certification

  • Approved handler training and certification

  • General chemical safety and handling training
Our offices are based in Christchurch and Wellington but our team travels regularly throughout New Zealand.  We have customers based all over the country including Auckland, Napier, Greymouth, Hokitika, Dunedin, Invercargill and many more regional towns nationwide.

Call us - 0800 366 370 to discuss any of your hazardous material issues and to ensure a safe and compliant workplace.