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Draft HSNO Regulations

Have your say HSNO

The draft Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations were released for consultation shortly before Christmas. They consist of a joyful 19 Parts, 524 pages in total. MBIE’s Have Your Say Page provides the information that you need to make a submission. In this series Chemsafety will provide you with a summary of the information, which we hope will be helpful.

While the majority of the regulations are a consolidation and tidy up of the workplace relevant current HSNO Act regulations, there are some changes. MBIE are specifically seeking feedback on some key undecided areas

  • Approved Handler certification – to keep or not to keep that is the question
  •  Storage controls for Class 6 (Toxic) and Class 8 (Corrosive) substances - location certification
  • Transitional provisions – how and for how long do existing rules apply, how long will you have before the new rules come in
  • Offences – criminal and infringement – penalties & and on-the-spot fines
  • Service fees - what WorkSafe will be charging for various applications

Whether you have a comment on a particular aspect of the draft regulations, or there is something with HSNO that you've been thinking needed changing for years, now is your chance to have your input.

Questions – contact janet@chemsafety.co.nz

Submissions – see MBIE’s Have Your Say Page