HSNO - Changes to Substance Controls

It is not always easy to find out which substances have specific controls applied or changed for them.

This page lists some of the more common ones that will be useful to people renewing their Approved Handler certificate.

Variations to Approved Handler & Tracking Controls

This information is readily found in the EPA 'Controls for Approved Hazardous Substances' database. 

Changes or new controls for Specific Substances

Some of the more common substances that have specific variations include.

SubstanceControlsMore information
Nitric Acid 65-70%Many of the controls that normally apply to Class 5.1.1C oxidising substances have been removed for varied for this concentration of nitric acid.Controls Database entry
Methylated SpiritsSpecific controls regarding allowable formulations of 'meths' (formally denatured ethanol) apply.Denatured Ethanol Group Standard