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Chemsafety is an independent provider of occupational hygiene, hazardous substance management, analytical and environmental services to industry.

Our experienced consultants become part of your team, working with you to provide an effective and efficient solution for your situation.  We are able to provide you with technical expertise to navigate the following areas;


We provide a range of asbestos management solutions, including asbestos surveys and registers in all types of buildings to either a management or demolition level, asbestos management plans, clearance inspections during asbestos removal, and asbestos awareness training.  We maintain our independence by not undertaking asbestos removal.  We have a team of surveyors and licensed asbestos assessors ready to help.  

Occupational Hygiene

Occupational Hygiene is recognising, evaluating and controlling health hazards in the workplace to protect people's health, both short term and long term.  This is undertaken by using measurement and assessment techniques to determine the exposure risk and provide appropriate remedial actions to reduce the risk.  Chemsafety's occupational hygienists can make sure your team is kept safe and healthy. 

Hazardous Substances

Our team of hazardous substance consultants can assist you to navigate the Hazardous Substance Regulations by providing location certification, certified handlers and compliance audits to ensure you are meeting your obligations.  We make sure we give you the advice you need to manage your chemical risks safely and practically. 


We run regular training sessions in asbestos awareness and HSNO certified handlers.  We provide on-site chemical awareness training which includes practical exercises to reinforce the learning.  Contact us for customised training in asbestos related work, HSNO for Managers, safety data sheet understanding, or anything else you may need.  

Chemical Consultancy

Chemsafety's team of science graduates can share their extensive experience in industrial chemistry to help you manage your chemical processes.  We can prepare customised solutions and undertake or help facilitate non-standard chemical analysis in our on-site laboratory.  If you have an unknown compound or need to understand the chemical make-up of a product we can help identify the compounds present.  


We can assess the environment and measure the air quality in your office, workplace, or residence to tell you if the air you are breathing is safe.  Common problems are mould growth due to water leaks, or off-gassing of solvents or formaldehyde from renovations or new builds, or ineffective air-conditioning systems.  If you feel there is something in the air which isn't right and making your team feel unwell call Chemsafety to help.  

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