Chemsafety is an independent provider of occupational hygiene, hazardous substance management, analytical and environmental services to industry.

Our experienced consultants become part of your team, working with you to provide an effective and efficient solution for your situation.  We are able to provide you with technical expertise to navigate the following areas;

Chemical Consultancy

Chemsafety can share our extensive experience in industrial chemistry to help your manage your chemical processes.

Hazardous Substances

Our experts can assist you with certification, training and provide advice on all aspects of hazardous substance management.

Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Hygiene is the practice of assessing and controlling environmental factors or stresses arising in or from the workplace which may cause sickness, impaired health and well being among workers.


Our team of Consultants are trained in all areas of asbestos management, including sample collection, air clearance monitoring and surveying for both residential and commercial buildings.  We provide clear, concise reports including site plans and asbestos registers.


Concerned about your local environment? Chemsafety can advise on, or monitor, air, soil, water, and trade waste discharges. Results are compared against guideline standards and local by-laws. Acceptability and/or remediation options and requirements are discussed.

Chemsafety can aslo carry out wipe sampling to determine if you property has been contaminated by Methamphetamine.  We can provide validation testing after remediation to determine if it has been successful or not as is required under the MoH guidelines.


Our team can train your team.  We run in-house training sessions at our Christchurch Offices in asbestos awareness and HSNO approved handlers.  We are also able to provide customised training at your location in chemical handling, approved handler or asbestos awareness.

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