Asbestos Surveys

Asbestos Surveys

Chemsafety carries out comprehensive surveys or audits of buildings searching for asbestos products. Our team of Consultants are fully trained at performing surveys to a high standard.  At Chemsafety we  pride ourselves on our quality controls and all survey reports are peer reviewed before being sent to our clients.

Our site observations, photographs and sample locations are recorded on our customised tablet app and then our Consultants produce a report tailored to your building site.  The report contains building plans indicating the extent and condition of asbestos materials and note the location of non-asbestos materials that may be confused with asbestos. The written report is backed up with the plans and a clear set of recommendations covering future management of the asbestos and an asbestos register against which future inspections, work, or removal should be recorded.  

Our Consultants hold the internationally recognised qualification from the British Occupational Hygiene Society, IP402 (Surveying and Sampling Strategies for Asbestos in Buildings) and  are available to survey your buildings at any location.  To date we've completed asbestos surveys on vessels out at sea, buildings overseas and many other commercial and residential properties throughout New Zealand.

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