Asbestos Analysis

When you have materials that may contain asbestos, it is recommended that you have a sample analysed to positively confirm whether or not asbestos is present.  You cannot tell by visual inspection that a product does not contain asbestos.

Chemsafety has its own in-house laboratory which is WorkSafe approved.  This allows us to ensure the quality of our analysis is as high as the consultancy services we provide.  With fully trained analysts for both bulk asbestos sampling and fibre identification we can analyse material that may contain asbestos.

Sample Collection

Our Consultants can come to your site to inspect and collect samples for analysis, or you can drop a sample in to us.  Results are usually available the next working day.  If asbestos is present in the sample, we can provide you with guidance on what to do next.

Sample Collection Guidelines

For non-friable asbestos products such as cement boards, and for vinyl flooring, or domestic textured or stipple plaster ceilings.  If you are unsure whether to collect a sample yourself, please call us on 0800 366 370.

  • Wear a well-fitting dust mask
  • Wet the product down with water
  • Do not use any power tools
  • Cut or break off a piece approximately 5cm in diameter, ensure the sample is representative of the whole thickness of the material.
  • Place material into a sealed plastic bag or container
  • Clearly identify the type of material and where it is from
  • Complete the details on the sample details form (or make sure you provide them if you don't have a printer)
  • Deliver to Chemsafety, 2B 303 Blenheim Road, Christchurch

We will then email our report, usually the next day.

Chemsafety can assist you with your asbestos management requirements.  Call us on 0800 366 370.  Christchurch based and assisting clients nationwide.

We also run Asbestos Awareness seminars that raise awareness of where asbestos can be found and the regulations on how it should be handled.