Asbestos Testing

Asbestos Analysis

Chemsafety has its own in-house IANZ Accredited laboratory.  This allows us to ensure the quality of our analysis is as high as the consultancy services we provide.  With fully trained analysts for both bulk asbestos analysis and fibre identification we can analyse materials that may contain asbestos.

Sample Collection

Our Consultants can come to your site to inspect and collect samples for analysis.  Results are usually available the next working day.  If asbestos is present in the sample, we can provide you with guidance on what to do next.

Where can Asbestos be Found?

Asbestos is most likely to be found in buildings that were constructed before the mid-1980s.  It can be found in the following locations;

  • Textured ceilings
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Cement cladding & roofing
  • Plaster and plaster cornice
  • Lagging for insulation around pipes, heater & hot water cylinders
  • Backing material for floor tiles & vinyl sheets

The only way to be certain if building material contains asbestos is to have a sample analysed.  If you are completing renovations to your home and are disturbing any of the above areas it is recommended sampling is completed before work starts.  

We also run Asbestos Awareness seminars that raise awareness of where asbestos can be found and the regulations on how it should be handled.

Chemsafety can assist you with your asbestos management requirements.  

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