HSNO Consultancy

The Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act (HSNO Act) has a range of compliance criteria beyond 'straight forward' location or handler certification.  Chemsafety has the expertise to guide you through a potential minefield.
HSNO Services include:
  • Location Test Certification
  • Approved Handler test certification
  • Approved Handler training
  • HSNO compliance requirements assessment
  •  HSNO controls identification and check list
  • Exempt laboratory management systems
  • Tracked substance management systems 


Chemsafety has four test certifiers on staff.  Chemsafety can certify:

  • Location Test Certification classes 2 - 5
  • Approved Handlers classes 2-9
  • Some Stationary Container Systems

Do you require a Location Certificate or Approved Handlers??

Perhaps not. Our assessment identifies the type and volume of hazardous substances that you have on site. We compare these to the threshold amounts (and any exemptions) and determine if certification is required. Our report provides you with a timetable for implementation of the regulatory requirements for your substances (Location Certificates, Approved Handler approvals, Tracking requirements, and compliance with the new regulatory controls).

Approved Handler Training / Certification

We provide approved handler training and certification. Training is provided at your workplace or at Chemsafety's premises. In both cases content is tailored to your specific substances. Training is undertaken by qualified industrial chemists experienced in Occupational Hygiene and HSNO consultancy.

Approved Handler certificate due to expire? Chemsafety can renewal your certificate. Further details here.

Exempt Laboratory / Tracking

Chemsafety operates an exempt laboratory containing substances that require tracking. We will introduce an exempt laboratory system with full documentation for your laboratory. Chemsafety will introduce a labeling, storage, and documentation system for 'tracked' substances at your workplace. Controls Report

Regardless of the quantity of hazardous substance you hold, and whether or not you require certification, you must store hazardous substances correctly in accordance with the HSNO regulations and controls. We provide 'controls' reports detailing specific requirements for segregation of incompatibles, hazardous atmosphere zones, signage and documentation, emergency planning, secondary containment, PPE, etc. Our controls reports contain a check list allowing stepwise progression through each of the regulatory controls that are required to be met at your site to achieve full HSNO compliance. Our report lists specific regulatory controls relevant to your workplace, determines whether or not you comply, and advise actions required to achieve compliance. These reports are often used as a first step toward achieving Location Certification standard.

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