Noise Assessments

Workplace noise is arguably the most prevalent hazard in the workplace. However, it can be easily managed to ensure harm does not result. Noise surveys are required at least every five years, or after changes in industrial equipment or work patterns. Chemsafety can provide a comprehensive noise survey, discuss eliminated, isolated or minimised options, and advise on suitable hearing protection options.

What, When & Why

If you need to raise your voice to speak with someone one metre away, then noise levels are likely to be too high, that is approaching or exceeding 85dBA. Above this level, noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) may occur.

Assessing noise levels in your workplace are part of the requirements for hazard identificaton under the Health & Safety at Work Act.  Chemsafety can ensure you meet your requirements under the Health & Safety at Work Act, and ensure the well being of your staff.

A detailed noise assessment is required

  • At least every five years
  • Following changes likely to increase noise exposure, such as
    • Increase in hours worked
    • Equipment / plant alterations
    • Variation in work practices
  • When requested by a Health & Safety Inspector, or
  • When reasonably requested by an employee

Chemsafety's Noise Surveys

Using up-to-date monitoring equipment, standards and guidelines, Chemsafety provides you with the necessary information to meet your noise management obligations.

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