LPG Certification

Chemsafety have four Test Certifiers on the team who are able to help you gain a location test certificate for your LPG store.

What is a Location Test Certificate?
Location Test Certificates (LTC) were introduced in 2012 by the Environmental Protection Authority.  They are essentially a check by a Test Certifier that your property complies with all the requirements of the HSNO Act in relation to LPG storage.

There are some cases where you may not need an LTC and Chemsafety will advise you on this and can advise your gas supplier on your behalf.

Do I need an Location Test Certificate?
If you store over 100kg of LPG at your site then you need a valid LTC for your gas supplier to continue to supply gas.  Your LTC will be issued for a period of 3 years when the Test Certifier needs to revisit your property and do another check to ensure compliance.

What does the Test Certifier look for?
Our Test Certifier will visit the property and ensure that your LPG is compliant to the HSNO Regulations.  This includes ensuring there is a site plan of your property, that your LPG cylinders are adequately secured and the correct signage is in place.

How do I get an LTC?
Give Chemsafety a call on 0800 366 370 to book a time for one of our Test Certifiers to visit your property.

Have more questions, please contact Chemsafety on 0800 366 3700 or email us at info@chemsafety.co.nz