Emergency Response Plan Workshop

Do you need help creating your emergency response plan?

Your flammable liquids store catches on fire.   The Fire Service arrive and request your inventory and safety data sheets for the hazardous substances on site, then request your emergency response plan so they can assist YOU in containing the substances.  Are you prepared for that?

Does your team know what their role is in an emergency?  What happens if your building is damaged and you can’t operate from that location until it’s repaired?  Your emergency response plan should cover all possible scenarios and it needs to be tested on an annual basis. 

Part of the requirements under the new Health and Safety at Work Act, General Risk and Workplace Management Regulations and the Hazardous Substances Regulations, is the need for your site to have an emergency response plan in place that takes into account the hazardous substances and general hazards that you have at your workplace.

Chemsafety’s three hour interactive workshop will walk you through all the details that your emergency plan needs to contain, such as the role of emergency services, staff wellbeing, and business continuity.  We can even come out and help you test the plan to ensure its effectiveness.

We will help you produce an emergency plan that works. 

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