Bridgette Jennings

Bridgette Jennings
Managing Director
Principal Occupational Hygienist
BOHS IP402 Asbestos Surveyor


DDI:03 943 7036
Mobile:021 395 069
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Bridgette has strong experience in occupational hygiene services.  She is the Principal Occupational Hygienist at Chemsafety and leads the team at both a Management and Technical level.

As a practical and strategic thinker Bridgette is able to give realistic advice to clients on how to manage their work health.  She is able to take the experience and solutions developed for past issues and implement similar solutions for current situations.

  • 17 years experience in Occupational Hygiene
  • Specialising in workplace exposure assessments, noise and asbestos management
  • IP402 Certified Asbestos Surveyor
  • Mentor to other Consultants in the Chemsafety team

Client Story 

Collaboration is Key

One client was using talc to coat rubber seals by placing them into a barrel, adding talc, spinning the barrel, and then removing the coated rubber seals. During the opening of the barrel visible amounts of dust could be seen exiting the barrel and into the operators breathing zone. Initial dust exposure monitoring showed dust levels were above the Workplace Exposure Standards (WES). Control was needed!!

The client suggested we use their engineering team to develop a fit for purpose extraction system. This approach meant the team was involved in the process, they could tailor it to their specific requirements, it saved cost to the business, and it could be done quickly. Repeat exposure monitoring showed that dust was being drawn into the extraction hood and the dust levels were well below WES and their team were no longer exposed to elevated dust levels.


Professional Memberships

  • Full Member New Zealand Occupational Hygiene Society (NZOHS)
  • Health & Safety Association NZ (HASANZ)
  • Full Member Faculty of Asbestos Management in Australia & New Zealand (FAMANZ)
  • American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH)