Elizabeth Harwood

Elizabeth Harwood
Senior Consultant
Compliance Certifier


DDI:03 962 0359
Mobile:021 175 2275


Elizabeth has been with Chemsafety since 2004 and has a vast amount of experience to share with our clients.  Coming into Chemsafety in the early days Elizabeth has experience in all areas of our business, Occupational Hygiene, Asbestos surveying and Hazardous Substances.

Now primarily working in hazardous substance area she has been pivotal in establishing the Chemsafety procedures for certification.  As a Senior Consultant she trains and mentors the other Consultants and has a hand in creating and reviewing our own internal documentation.

As a Compliance Certifier Elizabeth is able to help with any location compliance, certified handler issues and is working towards expanding her scope as a Certifier to include stationery container systems as they apply to diesel tanks.

  • 16 Years experience in Occupational Hygiene
  •  HSNO Compliance Certifier 
  • Vast experience in all areas of Occupational Hygiene

Client Story

Its Just What I Do

As a Compliance Certifier working with clients to solve problems is what I do all the time.  Managing hazardous substances on site to comply with the requirements in the regulations often requires clients to re-think how they use the substances on site, often the first discussion I have with a client is how they can adjust the storage volumes and locations to be able to become compliant.  

I particularly enjoy working with clients who have a new process or site they wish to develop which requires hazardous substances to be used and stored in a compliant manner.  Reviewing plans, preparing reports outlining the requirements and then providing practical options for the client to consider is a challenge that I particularly enjoy.


  • New Zealand Occupational Hygiene Society (NZOHS)
  • Hazardous Substance Professionals NZ (HSPNZ)