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Approved Handler

Approved Handlers are one area of significant potential change in the draft Hazardous Substances regulations, and one where MBIE have sought specific feedback.  Currently HSNO requires that approved handlers (AH) be available when threshold quantities are exceeded.  Some highly regulated explosives and toxic pesticides and fumigants also require the handler to have a controlled substance licence (CSL). The Health & Safety in Employment Act requires that all persons working with hazardous substances be trained. 

 The options that MBIE sought specific feedback on are

  1. Require approved handlers only for Class 1 explosives and those toxic substances that require a CSL (this is what the draft regulations say)
  2. Retain the current approved handler requirements for Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8,
    • And if so, should there be any changes to the current thresholds

 In both cases a more detailed training requirement is introduced for all persons working with hazardous substances (more about this next time).  Where a Location Compliance Certificate (new terminology for Location Test Certificate) is required evidence of this training will need to be verified.

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