April Newsletter

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We hope everyone is staying safe and adjusting to this new way of life in lockdown. For some of us it will be a challenging time but hopefully a time for opportunity, and a time for innovation.

Chemsafety is also adapting to this new way of doing business and we are taking the time to develop new ways of working. We are using Microsoft Teams to keep in touch and we are developing online training courses for asbestos awareness, chemical handling, and certified handlers. Worksafe have given us the go ahead to do remote location compliance certificates, with a follow up site visit after lockdown ends, to get our customers compliant.

We have been fortunate enough to be able to provide respirator fit testing to people working in the healthcare sector. This has proven to be vital as a number of people haven’t had a good fit which could put them at risk. As always, our team are available by phone to assist with any questions you have and you can also find some COVID related resources on our website.