December 2015 Newsletter

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Merry Christmas!  Another year has flown by and we’ve had another successful year at Chemsafety.  2015 has seen a real focus on training and personal development within our team.  This is set to continue in the New Year and we’ll also be working on our relationships with our clients by adding more value to the relationships that we already have.


Chemsafety will be closing for the Christmas / New Year break at 12:00pm on Thursday 24 December and reopening on Monday 11 January 2015.

We will be accepting samples for asbestos analysis up until Tuesday 22 December 2015 with results available on 23 December.  Any samples received after Tuesday 22 December 2015 may not have analysis results back until the office reopens on 11 January. 

However, if something seriously urgent crops up give us a call and we will see what we can do.

New Website

We’ve given our website a bit of an overhaul and brought it up to date with current technologies.  We plan to keep the website up to date with articles so it becomes a valuable resource to our clients.

Mike has been writing a series of articles on the changes the Asbestos Health & Safety Regulations and we have posted these on our website and through the Chemsafety LinkedIn page.  Have a look under our News section for the back dated articles and follow Chemsafety on LinkedIn to get notifications of any new articles. 

We would love your feedback on the new website, so please email Nicky with any feedback and also let her know if there are any article topics you would like to see on the website.

As the Regulations are revised or new information on chemical hazards becomes available we will keep you up to date via the above conduits.

Changes in the Health & Safety Regulations

The Health and Safety at Work Act and the first crop of Regulations will come into force in April 2016 and will bring changes to the responsibilities of PCUB’s.  Chemsafety is planning to host a series of informative sessions in February 2016 where our expert Consultants will present the main points of the Regulations in HSNO, Asbestos and industrial chemical safety and health.  This will be the perfect opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

To register your interest please email

Draft Hazardous Substance Regulations

These have been expected to be released for consultation in November or December this year and now I hope they arrive nicely wrapped.  If you have hazardous substances of any sort, and want to have a say in the new regulations keep an eye for the consultation on these and make your submissions (WorkSafe have said that the consultation period will take the holiday period into account).  Chemsafety will certainly be reading them with a fine tooth comb, and will let you know what it all means.

Merry Christmas

The team at Chemsafety would like to wish all of our clients and suppliers a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.  We look forward to seeing you all next year.