Hazardous Substance Training

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HSNO Training

Which ever decision is made in the draft Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations regarding approved handlers the PCBU will have specific criteria to meet when it comes to training and information for all people working with hazardous substances.  The PCBU must also keep a record of the training, whether it has been done in-house or with an external provider.

Information availability

  • Where hazardous substances are at the workplace e.g. chemical inventory, storage & use locations
  • Where to find reference material for safe handling and storage, including, but not limited to safety data sheets


  • Hazards associated with the substances
  • Procedures for safe use, handling, manufacture and storage
  • Safe use of plant and equipment, including PPE
  • Actions to take in an emergency
  • Practical experience in the workplace under supervision.

Don’t forget that there are also training requirements in the HSWA General Risk and Workplace Management regulations (that came into force 4 April 2016) for workers who deal with substances of any kind.

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