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Update to GHS Classifications

You may be aware that the classification system that we use for hazardous substances in New Zealand is changing.

At the moment we use the HSNO classification system, for example:
*    2.1.1A – Extremely flammable gas
*    6.4A – Eye irritant
*    3.1B – Highly flammable liquid

From April 2021 New Zealand will adopt the GHS classification system.  Most of the HSNO classes correlate to the new GHS classifications and we've made a handy resource that shows you the correlation.  Find it on our resource page here

The EPA have released some of the new documents relating to this, and have an information page here

There will be a transition period for updating information, labels, safety data sheets, and further down the track, the regulations.  For now, most people just need to be aware that the change is coming and begin to become familiar with the new terminology.

If you have any questions, or would like to arrange for some training contact Chemsafety’s hazardous substances team.