Heat Stress

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Although its coming to the end of summer, heat stress should be a consideration all year round.  Workers who are exposed to extreme heat or work in hot environments are at risk of heat stress. Some common indoor industries where this could be a factor all year round include, foundries, smelters, bakeries, boilers, and cultured dairy product factories.

Ensuring your workers understand heat stress and how they could be effected is an important part of managing this hazard so it can be prevented. Considerations when assessing heat stress don’t just include the temperature of the environment, we also look at the physical exertion the operator is under, what PPE they are wearing and how it affects their ability to regulate temperature, and what their work patterns are (how much time do they spend in the hot environment).

Some steps that can be taken to reduce heat stress are, limiting time in the hot environment, implementing a buddy system so workers look for signs of heat intolerance in their work mates, and of course plenty of water and nearby toilet facilities.

If heat stress is a consideration for your team contact one of our occupational hygienists to discuss. We can conduct a heat stress assessment using our Kestrel 5400 heat stress logger and on site assessment of your work practices.