HSNO Regulations - Wastes

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Hazardous wastes are now specifically addressed, however the regulations relating to them will not come into force until 1 Jun 2019.

Regulation 1.4 states that the regulations apply to wastes from manufacturing and industrial processes if it is reasonably likely that it would be classified as explosive, flammable, oxidising, toxic or corrosive.

There are specific provisions for the labelling (Reg 2.2) and recording (Reg 3.1) of wastes.  These provisions do take into account the that fact that some information may not be available.  Otherwise the regulations will apply to wastes based on their classification.


  • identification of the waste that reflects the nature of the waste as closely as possible (for example, chlorinated solvent waste, flammable waste, chromium VI waste); and
  • the name, address, and business telephone number of the producer of the waste (if known); and
  • a hazard pictogram and hazard statement consistent with the classification of the waste (if known) based on the known or likely constituents of the waste.