HSNO Regulations - Managing Risk

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Managing Risk

A general duty for managing risk associated with hazardous substances has been incorporated into the regulations.

In managing risks, the PCBU must have regard to the following:

  • the quantity of the hazardous substances used, handled, manufactured, or stored
  • the health and physico-chemical hazards associated with the hazardous substance
  • any potential chemical or physical reaction between the hazardous substance and another substance, including a substance that may be generated by the reaction
  • any ignition sources (for example, flames, heat, or sparks) that might ignite the hazardous substance
  • any structure, plant, or system of work that is used in the use, handling, manufacture, or storage of the hazardous substance
  • the nature of the work to be carried out by workers with the hazardous substance, including—
    • the workers’ risks of exposure to the substance; and
    • the likely degree of exposure:
    • any prescribed exposure standard for the hazardous substance:
  • any restricted entry interval for the substance, if one has been set

The risk management and exposure / health monitoring provisions of the General Risk and Workplace Management Regulations also apply.

Any control measures that you have in place must be reviewed (and revised if necessary)

  • significant changes to the safety data sheet or inventory information
  • after any notifiable event involving a hazardous substance
  • at least once every 5 years

This is in addition to the control measure review requirements of the General Risk and Workplace Management Regulations.