Asbestos Register and Management Plan Requirements

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The new Asbestos Regulations [Health and Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulations 2015] will require that where asbestos has been identified or assumed to be present at a workplace, then an asbestos register must be prepared [Reg. 10]. The register is a record of materials where asbestos has been confirmed to be present or is assumed to be present and identifies the material type, condition, location, and date when identified. The register must be kept up to date as asbestos is identified, inspected, treated or removed [Reg. 11].

A written Asbestos Management Plan for the workplace will be required to be prepared [Reg. 14] and kept up to date [Reg. 15]. Information required in the plan includes the identification of asbestos, decisions (with reasons for the decision) about managing the asbestos, procedures for detailing incidents and emergencies involving asbestos, and workers who carry out work involving asbestos including training, responsibilities, and health monitoring [Reg.14, clause 4].

There is expected to be a transition phase of 3 – 4 years between enactment of the new regulations and when the register and management plan is mandatory [Schedule 2]. From that time onward the register must be made available to all staff and contractors [Reg. 12].

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