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We're coming up to the second anniversary of our Wellington Branch.  We've been working with some great companies completing asbestos survey's, providing asbestos assessor services, noise monitoring, dust and silica monitoring, respirator fit testing and certification.

Steven is our Lead Consultant in Wellington and is fully trained in all our asbestos services, including surveying (he's an IP402 Certified Asbestos Surveyor), creating management plans and he's a licenced WorkSafe NZ Asbestos Assessor.  In the Occupational Hygiene field Steven is trained in completing qualitative fit testing, noise monitoring and other workplace exposure monitoring.

Alex is our second Consultant in Wellington and has been working his way through our in-house competencies as well as participating in some external training.  We're really proud that Alex has recently been awarded the BOHS IP404 Air Monitoring certificate and he is now also a licenced WorkSafe NZ Asbestos Assessor.  Alex is also progressing his career in the Hazardous Substances side our business and has been working with our Compliance Certifiers to become an inspector for LPG sites.  We're really excited to be able to bring this service to Wellington.

The team in Wellington are supported by our Christchurch Team who continue to regularly travel when needed.  Our Asbestos Team Leader, Senior Consultant and Director, Paul Robertson is also splitting his time between Christchurch and Wellington.

Please get in contact with StevenAlex or Paul if you'd like to discuss how Chemsafety can help your Wellington business.

Contact our Wellington Team directly

email wellington@chemsafety.co.nz

or call 04 391 1934