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Asbestos Services

With over 20 years experience in asbestos surveying, Chemsafety is an independent company who are completely separate from any asbestos removal companies.  We deliver impartial, effective solutions to meet our clients requirements.  Our advice is practical and our reports are clear and concise.

Our team of qualified surveyors are based in Christchurch and Wellington but provide full asbestos services nationwide.  These services include;

  • Asbestos Testing - In our in-house IANZ accredited laboratory we are able to provide qualitative asbestos analysis. This enables us to provide quality results you can rely on.
  • Clearance Monitoring - Following the removal of asbestos, and prior to re-occupation, a independent visual inspection and clearance monitoring is required.  Chemsafety have eight WorkSafe Asbestos Assessors and we are able to give results of monitoring on the same days as monitoring.
  • Asbestos Management - Our Consultants are able to help you through the entire asbestos management process.  We can help with tenders for removal, provide independent supervision during removal and of course be there to answer any questions in plain english.   
  • Asbestos Surveys - Using our customised tablet app, our fully trained asbestos surveyors will give you a comprehensive report containing building plans which indicate the extent and condition of asbestos materials, and note the location of non-asbestos materials that may be confused with asbestos.
Our team are based in Christchurch and Wellington but travel nationally throughout New Zealand helping our clients take care of their workers.  Our team are passionate about health and safety, have been since 1996 and will be well into the future. 

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