Environment Services

Hazards generated in the workplace and elsewhere do not usually stay contained in one place. As by-products are generated in an industrial process issues can arise, whether it is solvent fume escaping into the accounts office, air emissions entering the wider environment, discharges to the trade waste system, or a land contamination problem.  Chemsafety will help you identify and quantify the issues involved, and assist with mitigation solutions or consent compliance.

  • Environmental Consultancy Concerned about your local environment? Chemsafety can advise on, or monitor, air, soil, water, and trade waste discharges. Results are compared against guideline standards and local by-laws. Acceptability and/or remediation options and requirements are discussed.
  • Office Air Quality AssessmentsDo you or your staff experience stuffy air, large temperature swings or draughts, sinus or eye irritation?  Maybe the air quality needs to be tested.