Office Air Quality Assessments

Office Air Quality Assessments

A loss of just 15 minutes productivity per person per day in an office of 50 is costing you over $43,000 per year. Could your office air quality be the cause for this?

Do you or your staff experience stuffy air, large temperature swings or draughts, sinus or eye irritation which may result in staff lethargy and a high absenteeism rate?

Chemsafety can assess your office air quality

We will come to you to assess your specific situation and tailor a monitoring package to suit to identify problem areas.

We use our range of data-loggers, anemometers, and air sampling equipment to measure the parameters identified in our assessment.  Parameters often associated with office air quality issues include:

Air flows                                Carbon dioxide                     Formaldehyde

Fungi / Bacteria                    Humidity                                Carbon monoxide

Solvents                               Temperature                          Other contaminants

Vehicle fume

Our plain language report will provide you with the monitoring results, and compare these with the relevant guideline standards and practical experience

Our reports remove the subjective uncertainty regarding your air quality, and are the ideal basis for constructive discussions with staff, ventilation engineers, landlords, or tenants.

Our team are always available to answer any questions.  

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