Chemical Hazard Assessments

Whether you are reviewing management of existing chemicals, or you want to assess new substances before they are introduced to the site, Chemsafety can provide you with all you need to know.

 Chemsafety provides:

  • Remote assessment and advice on chemical hazards based primarily on MSDS data.
  • Assessment of specific hazards identified by industry; with recommendations on the degree of hazard and precautionary steps to be taken
  • Full workplace chemical hazard (MOSHH) assessment.

New Hazard Assessment

We can pre-assess the likely effect of new materials and formulations that are to be introduced to the workplace.

Based primarily on MSDS data and our knowledge of the industry, our consultants provide advice on the hazard that may be associated with storage, use, and disposal; and advise on PPE requirements for the new products.

We can, where required, carry out noise and/or air monitoring to determine operator exposure, optimum PPE protection, and regulatory compliance.

Full Chemical Hazard (MOSHH) Assessments

Chemsafety carries out full 'Management of Substances Hazardous to Health' (MOSHH) assessments of workplaces.
Hazards are identified and graded 'high risk' down to 'low risk'; management steps required to further assess or minimize the hazard are recommended; all presented on a customised database.

The database also provides quick reference to precautionary steps to be taken, safe handling procedures, and PPE requirements. Links to photos of the operation, MSDS, and air monitoring reports, are all part of the software package.

The results of future assessment and monitoring are easily incorporated onto the system, allowing quick reference to all workplace Occupational Hygiene assessment data.

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