Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets

Chemsafety can help with the preparation of safety data sheets for chemicals.   

There have been many changes to the requirements for Safety Data Sheets in recent years. We can assist with preparation of HSNO compliant documentation and SDS interpretation.

Chemsafety provides...

  • SDS preparation for new materials and formulations (compliant with HSNO requirements)
  • Rewriting of SDS to a single format for consistency across your organisation
  • Staff training on SDS interpretation

New SDS Preparation

Existing Safety Data Sheets (SDS) generally do not comply with the new HSNO regulatory requirements.

We prepare SDS (formerly known as Material Safety Data Sheets - MSDS) with inclusion of the new and specific information required for compliance, particularly with regard to hazard classes and environmental issues.

SDS Single Format Presentation

Just keeping track of the chemical inventory and mixtures you use is a big task. Most SDS differ in format from supplier to supplier making it difficult for staff to find the information they need quickly.

We customise SDS and/or Product Information Cards to a consistent format.  We will work with you to arrange a storage/retrieval system tailored to your organisational needs, allowing fast and easy product search and making information retrieval straight forward.  Information on PPE, disposal, safe handling, storage, etc, for each material can be found at the same location and in the same format for every product entry.

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