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The Chemsafety team have broad experience in industrial and general chemistry, and in chemical analysis techniques. We have an in-house laboratory, and we keep up to date with the equipment and techniques available at laboratories throughout New Zealand. We are available to work as part of your team to solve any chemistry related problem.   

Our qualified and experienced chemists will provide advice relevant to your analytical requirements, present you with the best analysis options, and assist with results interpretation. We also assist with many industrial chemistry problems.  
With our own laboratory and national and international networking we are able to provide timely, quality analysis at reasonable cost. Reports are to the point and in plain language.  

Chemsafety provides the following services to our exisiting clients, call us on 0800 366 370 to find out how we can support your chemical processes  
  • One off or ongoing analysis
  • Routine quality control
  • Process chemistry testing and adjustment
  • Advice and on-going support
  • Technician services in your own laboratory