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Chemsafety provides training services to complement our consultancy services. All training courses are
specifically tailored to the client’s specific requirements, and is provided by fully qualified chemical consultants (rather than by training personnel). Information on training packages offered are below.

Chemsafety offers a range of training services, both in person and online, that are customised to your company's requirements. In most cases we come to your site to hold the training, thus minimising any interruption and maximising the number of employees who will benefit. We also run 'open' sessions at our premises, as per the schedule below.

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Asbestos Awareness

Do you or your team work in the construction industry or any sort of demolition or refurbishment then you need to be aware of when and where you could be exposed to Asbestos.  Our 2hr course will give you a broad overview of the dangers of asbestos, where you are likely to find it and how to handle it.  Our sessions are run by our qualified surveyors and can be run at our offices or at your site.

Certified Handlers

There have been significant changes to the requirements for training to do with hazardous substances.  Firstly, there has been a name change, Approved Handlers are now called Certified Handlers.  Secondly, there are no requirements in the new Regulations, Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017, for certified handlers for hazardous substances classes 2 - 5 or 8 - 9.  From 1 December 2017 Certified Handlers will only be required for substances classified as 6.1A & B. 

Our one day course is the first step to becoming a Certified Handler.  Following this a practical assessment is required to put the theory in place.  This assessment is carried out at your site. 

Chemical Awareness

Under the new Regulations, Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017, the training requirements have been increased for all people working with hazardous substances.  From 1 June 2018 training will be required for every person who stores, handles, manufacturers or uses hazardous substances, including hazardous waste.

Chemsafety's Chemical Awareness course is held at your site for staff handling hazardous substances and covers the training requirements of the new Regulations.  The course is tailored to be specific to your site, the substances and processes you use and includes practical exercises for your staff to complete on site with the trainer.

SDS Interpretation

Under the HSNO Act all personnel who work with hazardous substances must have access to Safety Data Sheets, but what do they do when they get to them. MSDS Interpretation training will ensure that when further information about a substance is needed, personnel know where to find it quickly, and have a practical understanding of the meaning of the comprehensive information provided. 

Custom Courses

 Contact us if you would like to arrange a tailor made training session for your team, examples may include

  • presenting results of a noise survey to staff
  • PPE refreshers
  • Tool box talks

Our ‘open’ sessions are run at our office in Christchurch as per the schedule below:

Certified Handler Knowledge Training

Next Session: 9th Dec 2021 - Christchurch

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Asbestos Awareness Seminar

No Upcoming Sessions

Contact us for the next available session.

Contact us or phone 0800 366 370 to discuss

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