Compliance Certification during COVID-19 Lock Down

WorkSafe have updated their approach with further information about compliance certification.  Chemsafety is here to help you manage your compliance during this time.

Essential Services

  • Compliance certification is an essential service when it is carried out in support of an essential supply chain.  If you are part of the essential supply chain, and need a compliance certificate, then compliance certifiers are able to work.
  • Compliance certifiers will undertake a risk analysis to ensure that we are managing the hazards associated with the work in this altered environment.
  • In the case of a Location Compliance Certificate, a conditional certificate may be able to be issued without a site visit.

Non Essential Services

  • If you are not an essential service, and your certification expires during the lockdown, then you will have a period of time without certification.

In both cases

  • If you are unable to obtain a compliance certificate due to COVID19, then WorkSafe have outlined in their approach what their expectations are until such time as you are able to obtain certification.  This will include documenting the steps you are taking to manage your workplace.

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WorkSafe’s approach -

This update 1 April 2020