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Why your asbestos removal clearance may fail?

The most common reason for clearance inspection failure is dust and debris located during the visual inspection. The removal area and enclosure has got to be clean, it doesn’t matter if the builder made the mess or a freak gust of wind blew in dust and debris, we are required to ensure that the enclosure is free from dust before providing a clearance certificate. As part of the of the inspection, we are also required to look in bag-locks and decontamination docks. On the plus side, most issues we find are minor and can be quickly remediated by the onsite removalist.

Another common failure is air testing immediately after completion of removal.

It’s usually best to let the negative air unit run for a while after completion of removal to ensure lower airborne fibre concentrations prior to air testing.

Chemsafety has a number of licenced asbestos assessors who are able to assess your site after an asbestos removal. Our laboratory is IANZ accredited for sample analysis.