Asbestos Clearance Monitoring

Asbestos Air Clearance Monitoring

Following removal of asbestos, and prior to re-occupation WorkSafe guidelines require an independent visual inspection and clearance air monitoring. Chemsafety has eight Asbestos Assessors that are able to provide visual inspections.

This verifies that all asbestos materials and debris have been removed, and that any airborne fibres are below the clearance air monitoring guidelines, and that the premises are therefore safe for re-occupation.

Chemsafety has been undertaking asbestos surveys and inspections since 1993, and is independent from removal contractors.

If you about to embark on an asbestos removal project, contact us on 0800 366 370 and we will assist with:

  • Identification and extent of asbestos materials present
  • Assist with preparation of tender documentation
  • Review of contractor procedures
  • Progress inspections & monitoring
  • Boundary air monitoring
  • Final inspection and clearance monitoring

Why use Chemsafety for your air testing?

  • Chemsafety provides same day results using our fibre counting laboratories in both our Christchurch and Wellington offices.
  • You get the result quicker, and your team can get on with their job sooner

Chemsafety can assist you with your asbestos management requirements.  

Call us on 0800 366 370.