Asbestos Sampling

Chemsafety can assist you with all your Asbestos management requirements.
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Asbestos Sampling

Asbestos sampling involves one of Chemsafety’s trained consultants coming to your property or business to safely take a sample of suspected asbestos containing building material. The consultant then transports the sample(s) to our accredited analysis laboratory.

  • Chemsafety is IANZ accredited for asbestos sample analysis.
  • Our experienced team are trained in how to safely take samples to avoid contamination of the surrounding environment.
  • We help meet your legal requirements regarding asbestos.

Doing renovations to your home?

If you are thinking of doing some renovations on your property, you need to check for the presence of asbestos before starting the work. This is especially important for properties built, or had some work done, between 1950 and 2000, as they are quite likely to contain some asbestos.

Where can Asbestos be found?

Asbestos is most likely to be found in buildings that were constructed before the mid-1980s. It can be found in the following locations;

  •    Textured ceilings
  •    Ceiling tiles
  •    Cement board/fibrous cement cladding
  •    Decramastic type roofing tiles
  •    Plaster and plaster cornice
  •    Lagging for insulation around pipes, heaters & hot water cylinders
  •    Backing material for floor tiles & vinyl sheets

The only way to be certain if building material contains asbestos is to have a sample analysed. If you are completing renovations to your home and are disturbing any of the above areas, it is recommended that sampling is completed before work starts.

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