Asbestos Analysis

Chemsafety can assist you with your asbestos analysis requirements

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asbestos analysis

At Chemsafety, we provide:

    • Asbestos Identification Analysis for building materials in
      accordance with the Australian Standard AS4964:2004.
    • Respirable Fibre Counting Analysis in accordance with NOHSC: 3003 (2005).
Ianz Testing Laboratory

Both tests are IANZ Accredited at our Christchurch Branch, and you can access our scope of accreditation in here. All our analysts are qualified professionals that are regularly proficiency assessed externally and internally. Our turnaround time is fast, normally 24 hours for non-urgent samples.

If you want some of our professionals to collect the sample for you, just contact us to book a date for an asbestos sample collection or air monitoring service.

If you prefer, you can collect the samples yourself and simply drop them in at one of our offices at your convenience. Please ensure that all samples are double bagged and sealed.

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