Mould and Bacterial Assessments

We work with you to identify, quantity and mitigate health hazards in your workplace.

Mould And Bacterial Assessments

Why mould and bacteria CAN be a health hazard?

Mould and bacteria can cause significant health problems. An increase in moisture from a leak or a flood event are the main types of reasons for mould growth in buildings. Mould growth can sometimes be seen on wall linings and furnishings but can often be hidden in wall and ceiling cavities. Symptoms of mould exposure can include hay fever, respiratory infection, skin infection, coughing, sneezing, and headaches.
    • What hazards need control straight away
    • When to complete exposure monitoring and for which substances
Exposure Air Monitoring

Why use Chemsafety for microbial assessments?

Chemsafety’s occupational hygiene team conduct air and surface testing at your site to tell you if there are unsafe levels of mould present and what the next steps are with regards to remediation. We have experience in a vast range of situations including advice after a flood event, black mould (Stachybotrys) assessments, whole building mould assessments, surface and bulk material testing.

We can also undertake

    • Soil testing for E.coli
    • Faecal coliforms air sampling
    • Bacterial air sampling during indoor air quality assessments
Exposure Air Monitoring