Exposure / Air Monitoring

We work with you to identify, quantity and mitigate health hazards in your workplace.

Exposure Air Monitoring

What is exposure monitoring and why is it necessary?

Hazardous substances such as dusts, fumes, vapours, and gases can be generated from several processes in the workplace. Exposure monitoring is where the occupational hygienist conducts measurements to evaluate the risk to people being exposed to these substance(s). This is done with specialised monitoring equipment and work practice observations.
Exposure monitoring is necessary to determine the risk of both short and long-term harm. Typically, monitoring results are compared to the Workplace Exposure Standards and /or other relevant standards. If results reveal that harm is likely, controls are recommended (like using a different substance, ventilation, and personal protective equipment) to minimise the likelihood of harm.
    • What hazards need control straight away
    • When to complete exposure monitoring and for which substances
Exposure Air Monitoring

Why use Chemsafety for Exposure Monitoring?

Chemsafety has extensive experience in the monitoring and analysis of a wide range of workplace air contaminants. We can advise you on the most appropriate monitoring and analysis package for your situation, then provide an independent measurement of fume concentration.

Chemsafety carries out monitoring and analysis for a wide range of materials on a routine basis, including…

    • Formaldehyde
    • Isocyanates
    • Sulphur dioxide
    • Metals & welding fume
    • Confined space monitoring
    • Solvents
    • Dusts
    • Acid mists

Results are reported clearly in plain language and the significance of any hazards are discussed. If a problem exists, we can advise you on the appropriate response. Our advice is based on practical and cost-effective solutions designed to protect you and your staff from current and future risk. Where necessary we supply supporting information to facilitate your discussion with staff, and if required we are happy to provide answers to staff questions either in writing, or face to face in the workplace.

Exposure Air Monitoring