Hazardous Substances Consultancy

Chemsafety can assist you with all your hazardous substance requirements.


Hazardous Substances Consultancy

The hazardous substances regulations both HSW-Hazardous Substances, and the HSNO Act and associated EPA Notices include a range of compliance criteria beyond ‘straight forward’ location or handler certification. Chemsafety has the expertise to guide you through a potential minefield.

Our Hazardous Substance Services include:

    • Location Compliance Certification
    • Stationary Container Certification (limitations apply)
    • Certified Handler Training and Certification
    • Chemical Awareness Training
    • Bespoke training courses (e.g. laboratory management emergency management)
    • HSW-HS compliance requirements assessment / audits
    • Laboratory assessments / audits
    • Safety Data Sheet Preparation
    • Building Plan Reviews for Compliance and / or Resource Consent

Chemsafety has five Compliance Certifiers on staff.
Chemsafety can certify:

    • Location Compliance Certification classes 2 – 5, 6 and 8
    • Certified Handlers Class 6.1A and B (excluding use of agrichemicals and vertebrate toxic agents)
    • Some Stationary Container Systems
Our team are based in Christchurch and Wellington but travel nationally throughout New Zealand helping our clients with their hazardous substances.