Exposure Monitoring Programme

We work with you to identify, quantity and mitigate health hazards in your workplace.

Qualitative Exposure Assessments

Why are exposure monitoring programmes important?

Exposure monitoring is an essential part of managing health hazards in the workplace. Our Exposure Monitoring Programme provides a plan on which hazards to focus on first, depending on risk. We can start by completing a full site qualitative assessment or using your own existing health hazard identification information and then build your bespoke exposure monitoring programme which will outline:
    • What hazards need control straight away
    • When to complete exposure monitoring and for which substances
We will then complete the required exposure monitoring to recognised standards and methods and provide information in easy to read reports. The reports will detail the health hazard and risk and what to do if control is needed.

Why use Chemsafety for EXPOSURE assessments?

We will provide an easy-to-use management tool so you can show stakeholders what your health hazards are, what the risks are, and how they change once quantitative measurement has been completed and controls are in place.

Health hazards that are included in the exposure monitoring programme are dusts, noise, metals and welding fume, solvents, fibres, mould and bacteria, other inhalation hazards, radiation, lighting, thermal stress, and vibration.