Asbestos Consultancy

Chemsafety can assist you with all your Asbestos management requirements.

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asbestos Consultancy

High level asbestos consultancy to help manage asbestos on your site. Can be helping you develop asbestos management plans for your sites. Providing technical support for the elevation of asbestos removal tenders. Managing an asbestos contamination incident on your site.

Why use Chemsafety

    • Trusted and experienced consultancy firm
    • Experience in working with the public and private sectors
    • Large team means we have availability at short notice
    • Samples analysed in our IANZ accredited laboratory
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Asbestos Management Plans

The risk of exposure to asbestos needs to be managed. The workplace PCBU must make sure that any asbestos in the workplace is identified and an asbestos management plan is in place to show how it will be managed. This Management Plan needs to be readily accessible to workers and contractors and be reviewed every five years. An experienced surveyor will be able ensure your plan is robust and of high quality.

Asbestos Removal Consultancy

Chemsafety are entirely independent from asbestos removal contractors so any advice we provide is solely in the best interest of our client. Being experienced Asbestos Assessors we are able to help from the outset of asbestos removal projects to ensure the process is planned correctly and the scope of works is accurate.
People come first at Chemsafety, putting people’s health and safety first is at the core of all our services and standards. The health and wellbeing of people – both Chemsafety and our clients is of the foremost importance. Our aim is to reduce your exposure to current and future asbestos risk to the minimum possible, in a timely, cost effective, and professional manner.
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