Respiratory Protection Programme

We work with you to identify, quantity and mitigate health hazards in your workplace.

Qualitative Exposure Assessments

Why is a Respiratory Protection Programme necessary?

It is recognised that as a PCBU (Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking) we must ensure the health and safety of workers. Respiratory protection equipment (RPE) is lowest action to implement on the minimisation hierarchy and requires careful administration and training to remain effective. A respiratory protective programme should follow the requirement set out in AS/NZS 1715.

Why use Chemsafety?

Chemsafety has created a programme according to the requirement set out in AS/NZS 1715 that will ensure you are providing your workers with a respiratory protection that are effective at protecting their health now, as well as their long-term health. We’ll provide you with all you need to run the programme, including templates for forms, registers, and training on how to administer the programme. Of course, we’ll also be at the end of the phone to give assistance whenever its needed.

What should be included in a respiratory protection programme according to AS/NZS 1715:

    • Management responsibilities
    • Regulatory requirements
    • Programme evaluation
    • Appointing a programme administrator and their training for that role
    • Health monitoring workers using RPE
    • Issue of equipment
    • Training in proper selection, usage, storage, inspection, and maintenance
    • Fit testing the RPE
    • Wearing RPE
    • RPE maintenance, storage, and cleaning
    • Disposal of equipment
    • Record keeping