Dust Monitoring

We work with you to identify, quantity and mitigate health hazards in your workplace.

Dust Monitoring

Why can dust be a health hazard?

Dust is present in most workplaces. Dust can be irritating to the eyes and respiratory system and some dust types can be toxic and cause severe long-term disease. Many dusts are carcinogenic, such as welding fumes, some heavy metals, hard wood dust, quartz, and asbestos. These dusts require a higher level of control to manage exposure.

Why use Chemsafety for dust monitoring?

How do you know if the dusts you have on site are non-toxic or toxic? Contact Chemsafety for help, we can classify the dust, understand the risks, measure the risks, and compare to the correct exposure standards, and provide recommendations on controls.

Type of dusts we can assess

  • Metal dust and welding fume
  • Wood dust
  • Flour dust
  • Respirable crystalline silica (quartz)
  • Environmental dust
  • Glass dust
  • Asbestos and respirable fibres
  • Grain dust, and many more