Hazardous Substances

Management of Hazardous Substances now falls under the rule of the Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations.  Chemsafety works with you to ensure you comply with the HSW-Hazardous Substance Regulations requirements and the EPA Notices where appropriate.  We have a dedicated team who are familiar with the regulations, any upcoming requirements and can help you with these and advise on best practice where certification is not required.

One of our Consultants will visit your premises and do a site inspection against the Compliance Certificate criteria.  They will discuss your requirements as they move around your site then follow up with a written report detailing if compliance has been achieved or not against each criteria.

Once the Compliance Certifier is happy your site is compliant a certificate can be issued.  In some cases a conditional certificate will be issued, giving you a short period of time to comply with minor or technical non-compliance.

For more information on what criteria is included in the inspection please contact the office.

We welcome your call to discuss how we can help you - 0800 366 370 - info@chemsafety.co.nz