Certified Handler Knowledge Training

Do you think you need it? Chemsafety can help

  • Chemsafety offers Certified Handler training that covers the substances that you use.
  • Chemsafety's certified handler courses address the specific requirements of your substances 
  • Chemsafety's has been providing certified handler training since 2006, and has three Compliance Certifiers on staff. 
  • Chemsafety's open courses include attendees from a variety of industries – users of similar substances are grouped together 
  • Training is held in Chemsafety’s seminar room with catered lunches, or at your premises. 
  • Chemsafety’s presenters are chemistry graduates (but we won’t bamboozle you with jargon) with many years experience assessing chemical storage and handling across a broad range of New Zealand workplaces. 
  • What about other personnel?
    Those not requiring approved handler training will still benefit from our “general chemical safety and awareness” courses. Don’t forget training is required under the Health & Safety in Employment Act. 
  • Other training topics include:
    • Safety data sheets, exempt laboratory, HSNO for managers, asbestos awareness, workplace air quality and noise. 

Under the new HSW-HS regulations everyone who stores, handles, uses or manufacturers hazardous substances is required to have training.  Please see our Chemical Awareness training course or call us for more details.

Chemsafety can only certify handlers for class 6.  We are unable to certify handlers for the use of agrichemicals, veterinary medicines, fumigants and vertebrate toxic agents, but can certify persons storing or manufacturing these products.

Next Session: 14th Feb 2019 - Christchurch

Future Sessions:

7th Mar 2019 - Christchurch
4th Apr 2020 - Christchurch
9th May 2019 - Christchurch
6th Jun 2019 - Christchurch
4th Jul 2019 - Christchurch
8th Aug 2019 - Christchurch
5th Sep 2019 - Christchurch
3rd Oct 2019 - Christchurch
7th Nov 2019 - Christchurch
5th Dec 2019 - Christchurch

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