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Hazardous Substance Services

Hazardous substance compliance is not always an easy area to navigate.  The team at Chemsafety has been helping our clients in this area since 1992 and we pride ourselves on delivering practical and easy to follow advice to our clients. 

Management of Hazardous Substances now falls under the rule of the Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations.  Chemsafety works with you to ensure you comply with the HSW-Hazardous Substance Regulations requirements and the EPA Notices where appropriate.  We have a dedicated team who are familiar with the regulations, any upcoming requirements and can help you with these and advise on best practice where certification is not required.

We have four compliance certifiers on the team who can help with:

  • Location Compliance Certification
    One of our Consultants will visit your premises and do a site inspection against the Compliance Certificate criteria.  They will discuss your requirements as they move around your site then follow up with a written report detailing if compliance has been achieved or not against each criteria.  Once the Certifier is happy your site is compliant a certificate can be issued.  
  • LPG Compliance Certification
    If you store over 100kg of LPG at your site then you'll need a valid Location Compliance Certificate.  Chemsafety has a team of Certifiers and Site Inspectors who can visit your site to ensure compliance to the Regulations and give you guidance on how to maintain compliance.
  • Certified Handlers  Certified Handlers replace Approved Handlers in 2017.  There is now only a requirement to have Certified Handlers for substances classified as 6.1A & B.  We run regularly open courses which are presented by our Consultants in plain english.
  • Chemical Awareness
    Chemsafety's Chemical Awareness course is held at your site for staff handling hazardous substances and covers the training requirements of the new Regulations. The course is tailored to be specific to your site, the substances and processes you use and includes practical exercises for your staff to complete on site with the trainer.
  • Safety Data Sheets
    Bring your international safety data sheets up to New Zealand compliance standards 
  • Compliance Requirements Assessments - We provide reports detailing specific requirements for segregation of incompatibles, hazardous atmosphere zones, signage and documentation, emergency planning, secondary containment, PPE, etc. Our report lists specific regulatory controls relevant to your workplace, determines whether or not you comply, and advise actions required to achieve compliance. These reports are often used as a first step toward achieving Location Certification standard.
  • Laboratory Management Systems - Chemsafety can assist with determining if your site laboratory can be managed under Part 18 of the regulations. We can determine tracking requirements and set up a system for you.

Chemsafety's Consultants are all science graduates and our Hazardous Substance Team are all members of Hazardous Substance Professionals NZ.  Our Senior Consultants are also trusted advisers on the the Health and Safety Association of New Zealand (HASANZ) register.  

Our team are based in Christchurch and Wellington but travel nationally throughout New Zealand helping our clients take care of their workers.  Our team are passionate about health and safety, have been since 1996 and will be well into the future. 

For more information on what criteria is included in the inspection please contact us.

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