Exposure Monitoring

Exposure Monitoring 

Are your team members exposed to harm full hazardous substances during their work processes?

Some workers face a number of airborne hazards during their working day.  These can include respirable dust, gases and vapours from toxic substances from processes like welding, cutting or even cleaning equipment.

Chemsafety will undertake monitoring to assess the level of the hazard.  All of our air sampling is undertaken to recognised methodology such as NIOSH Methods, OSHA Methods, or AS/NZS Standards. We use quality sampling media and use local and international laboratories to ensure we are getting accurate and timely results.

After determining the level of exposure we can then help you determine the best way to minimise the exposure, whether through different work practices, installing ventilation or substitutions.   Finally we will recommend what PPE is most suitable to use, educate on how to use that PPE and its maintenance.

All of our findings and recommendations will be presented in a written report that is easy to understand and to follow. 

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