Why Use Chemsafety

Chemsafety - Using Science to Keep People Safe & Healthy  

What does that mean?

We use science in all our approaches to our clients problems.  The essence of science is to gather data, observe the issue and make recommendations based on that information; and that's exactly what we do.  Our Consultants are Science graduates and we build on that foundation with extensive training, ensuring we deliver best practice solutions.  We encourage a culture of deeper thinking - finding out "the why" to help keep people safe & healthy.

People are the core of what we do; our people and your people.  Our advise can have a great impact on people's quality of life, we take this seriously.  We aim to explain the science to reduce people's anxiety and give them a plan to improve their health & safety using our extensive technical knowledge and on-the-job experience. 

We are helping raise awareness and focus on the importance of staying healthy as well as safe.  Reducing the risk of people developing workplace related disease and preventing acute illness in the workplace.

Why choose Chemsafety as your preferred supplier?

  • A team that are readily available for urgent or out of town work. 
  • Stable New Zealand ownership by in-house practicing consultants 
  • In business since 1992 
  • Offices in Christchurch & Wellington
  • Stability and reliability, we will always be there to back our work 
  • IANZ Accreditation for Asbestos Bulk Analysis and Asbestos Surveying
  • We only employ graduate scientists 
  • Fully insured (both P.L. and indemnity) includes asbestos 
  • Extensive ongoing professional development staff training and certification program

Ask around, or request a list of referees, our reputation is your guarantee.

We welcome your call to discuss how we can be of help - 0800 366 370info@chemsafety.co.nz