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Is there Asbestos in your home? What you should know before undertaking any work.

Was your house built before 2000? The year 2000 is the date after which as a PCBU or homeowner asbestos is presumed not to be present in the materials used to build/line or furnish homes or businesses.

If you are a homeowner doing works in your own home for yourself, we would strongly encourage you to test likely asbestos containing materials prior to disturbing them (no one wants to do renovations that potentially contaminate the house with asbestos).

Say for example you are thinking about ripping up and replacing that ugly old vinyl in the kitchen. It is possible this vinyl could have an asbestos-containing paper backing. As this material is friable, there could be a risk of asbestos contamination throughout the house if it becomes disturbed and airborne. This could place people in the home at risk of exposure to asbestos and could be an expensive clean-up operation if the house is contaminated.

Vinyl is not the only material you should think twice about before carrying out renovations. If your home was built before the year 2000 and you are planning on carrying out a DIY project, you should first consider the possibility of asbestos containing materials that could be disturbed in the process, from walls to ceilings to soffits and more. If there is a suspect material, you should consider getting it tested first. Or you may want an asbestos survey, so that an expert can identify suspicious materials in your home for you.

If you are a contractor working on a pre-2000 house doing works that could potentially disturb asbestos, you will need to get an asbestos refurbishment survey completed that encompasses the scope of work you are undertaking.

Chemsafety has a team of experienced consultants who can assist you by carrying out asbestos sample collections and surveys. Chemsafety is IANZ accredited for asbestos surveys and has an IANZ accredited laboratory for sample analysis.