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28 July 2022

Health Care Webinar

Common findings relating to hazardous substances in the health care sector webinar

Following multiple audits over recent years relating to hazardous substances compliance across various health care providers, our Senior Hazardous Substances Consultant and Compliance Certifier...
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16 June 2022

June 2022 Newsletter Front

June 2022 Newsletter

In our June 2022 Newsletter we let you know about two serious WorkSafe incidents. We also let you know about our next two free...
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15 June 2022

Respirator Clean

Why keeping your respirator clean is important

Why keeping your respirator clean is important...
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15 June 2022

New Website Newsletter

Introducing our new Website

It’s not everyday you get to launch a new website and we decided this was a great time to do it and we are...
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26 May 2022

Signage 1200x700

What signage do you need for Hazardous Substances?

Join Senior Consultant Elizabeth Harwood for our online webinar as she discusses hazardous substance signage. She will examine what the regulatory requirements are and...
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27 April 2022

Noise Webinar Thumb 1

Understanding & Managing Workplace Noise Control Options

Join our Occupational Hygiene Team Leader and Senior Consultant Sam McGee as he introduces you to some of the noise control options available in...
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04 April 2022

April Newsletter Cover2

April 2022 Newsletter

In our April 2022 Newsletter we help ease you in to the new Performance Standards and have a look at the changes to the...
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24 March 2022

Vibration Thumb1

Controlling Human Vibration Hazards in the Workplace

Join Wellington Occupational Hygienist Christine de Klerk who will give an overview of both hand-arm vibration (HAV) and whole-body vibration (WBV). ...
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24 February 2022

H&s Webinar Thumb 1 1

Understanding the H&S at Work (Haz Subs) Amendment Regulations 2021

Towards the end of last year the long awaited Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Amendment Regulations were released (they came into force...
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02 February 2022

February Newsletter Cover2

February 2022 Newsletter

In our first newsletter for 2022 we introduce you to our HASANZ Scholarship Award recipients, let you know about the first free online webinars...
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06 October 2021

Rpp Thumb1

Respiratory Protection Program

Respirators (dust masks, half face masks etc.) are a common tool for controlling exposure to dusts and chemicals. ...
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22 September 2021

Asbestos Survey Webinar1

The Different Types of Asbestos Surveys

Join our Senior Asbestos Consultant Tony Bird where he outlines the different types of Asbestos Surveys and which one is right for your property,...
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18 August 2021

Lcc Webinar 1

LCC – Avoiding Non-Compliances

Do you want to know what the common non-compliances are that hold up companies from getting their location compliance certification on time?...
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20 July 2021

Hierarchy Of Controls Webinar 1

Hierarchy of Controls

Join our Occupational Hygiene Team Leader Sam McGee to learn about how the Hierarchy of Controls is used to control hazards in the workplace....
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20 May 2021

Congrats News Thumb

Why All Workplace Dusts Are Not Equal

Why all workplace dusts are not equal?......
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18 May 2021

Explaining The Asbestos Identification Analysis Thumb

Explaining The Asbestos Identification Analysis

When one of our consultants collects samples for asbestos identification on a client’s property, we are frequently asked if we can tell whether the...
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13 May 2021

Training Webinar 1

Worker Training for Hazardous Substances

Are you unsure of what training is required for hazardous substances? Join Chemsafety’s webinar to find out what training is required and for who,...
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06 May 2021

What Is Occupational Hygienist

What Is An Occupational Hygienist?

They are not workplace cleaners or occupational health nurses. Occupational Hygienists anticipate, recognise, evaluate and control biological, physical, and chemical......
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05 May 2021

Hearing Protection Thumb

Why Class 5 Hearing Protection Can Over Protect Your Workers

Do you know why Class 5 hearing protection can over protect your workers and the consequences over protection?Read our article......
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30 April 2021

Ghs Thumb

Its GHS Time

Today is the 30 April 2021 – its GHS time!Well the time has finally arrived, from today New Zealand has......
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28 April 2021

Home Thumb

Asbestos In Your Home

Was your house built before 2000? Find out what you need to do as a homeowner when completing renovations of......
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15 April 2021

Ghs Webinar 1

GHS Classification Changes

On 30 April 2021 New Zealand adopted the GHS classification system in place of the HSNO classification system that we have been using for...
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08 April 2021

Why Your Asbestos Removal Clearance May Fail Thumb

Why Your Asbestos Removal Clearance May Fail?

Find out from one of our licenced asbestos assessors what the most common reasons are for an asbestos clearance inspection......
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06 April 2021

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Collect Your Own Asbestos Samples Thumbs

5 Reasons you shouldn’t collect your own asbestos samples

Taking an asbestos sample doesn't look particularly tricky but there are reasons why you should leave it to the experts.......
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28 October 2020

Class 6 & 8 Webinar Banner

Class 6 & 8 Hazardous Substances

Hazardous substance classifications 6 & 8 are treated differently in the Regulations. In this free online webinar learn what substances are included in these...
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14 October 2020

Pcbu Obligations Webinar 1

PCBU Obligations

In this free webinar we ask - as a PCBU do you know exactly what your obligations are in regards to hazardous substances?...
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30 September 2020

Exposure Monitoring Webinar 1

What you need to know about exposure monitoring

Do you know what to look for within your exposure monitoring programme? ...
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09 September 2020

Haz Subs Site Plan Webinar 1

What should be in a Hazardous Substance Site Plan

In this free online webinar you will be shown that if you have hazardous substances on your site you should have a site plan...
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26 August 2020

How To Label Chemicals Webinar 1

How to Label Chemicals you decant

Do you take chemicals from large containers and put them into a smaller more usable container? ...
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12 August 2020

Minimising Exposure To Haz Subs Webinar 1

Minimising Exposure to Hazardous Substances

Hazardous substances are not just chemicals, dust, fumes and workplace equipment and processes can also cause us harm. ...
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29 July 2020

Emergency Response Spills & Leaks Webinar 1

Emergency Response Spills & Leaks

In this free online webinar we ask do you know what to do if the hazardous substances you use and store begin to spill...
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17 June 2020

What Are Incompatible Substances Webinar 1`

What are Incompatible Substances

Have you ever wondered why the mixture of certain substances can cause fires, fumes and explosive effects?...
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10 June 2020

How Do I Keep Track Of My Hazardous Substances Webinar 1

Keeping Track of your Hazardous Substances

This webinar looks at the information you need to keep regarding the hazardous substances on site. ...
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22 May 2020

How To Read Safety Data Sheets Webinar 1

How to read Safety Data Sheets

This webinar covers the intricacies of the Material Safety Data Sheet, or SDS for short. ...
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20 May 2020

Haz Sub Webirnar 1

Hazardous Substance Classifications

We begin this webinar with a brief description of what a hazardous substance is as defined by the EPA’s Hazardous Substances (Minimum Degree of...
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18 December 2019

December Newsletter Cover2

December 2019 Newsletter

Happy holidays everyone, the Christmas season is upon us again and as another year draws to a close its a great time to reflect...
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10 October 2019

October Newsletter Cover2

October 2019 Newsletter

We're incredibly excited to announce that Chemsafety now has a in-house asbestos analysis laboratory which is accredited through IANZ....
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12 December 2018

December Newsletter Cover3

December 2018 Newsletter

2018 is quickly coming to close and it's been another busy year at Chemsafety. We've experience more growth in our business and as...
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06 June 2018

June Newsletter Cover2

June 2018 Newsletter

We're really excited to annouce that Chemsafety has opened a new office in Wellington. The Wellington Office at 12 Cruickshank Street in...
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11 November 2016

November Newsletter Cover2

November 2016 Newsletter

Christmas is fast approaching again! It's been another busy year at Chemsafety and we're looking forward to a relaxing break over Christmas and...
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10 October 2016

October Newsletter Cover3

October 2016 Newsletter

We're excited to announce that the Chemsafety family has expanded since our last newsletter. ...
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05 May 2016

May Newsletter Cover2

May 2016 Newsletter

The new Health and Safety at Work Act came into force on 4 April 2016 and this has meant some of our clients have...
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