Navigating Compliance Certifier Scopes Webinar

Aug 24, 2023

Are you having trouble finding someone who can issue your certified handler compliance certificate?

In this webinar we discuss how to find the correct Compliance Certifier for your requirements by using the WorkSafe Register of Compliance Certifiers and explain the navigational path to find the specific certifier for your needs.

Compliance Certifiers have specific scopes of authorisation. It is important that you know what substances you have (or will have) that require compliance and which lifecycle of the substance will be associated with your situation.

This webinar is presented by Dwayne Bennett  who has been with Chemsafety since 2013.  During that time he has become the main presenter of the Certified Handler and Chemical Awareness courses.  Dwayne specialises in customising training to meet client’s sites and their team’s needs.  He is approved by WorkSafe NZ as a Compliance Certifier for Certified Handlers and has a Bachelor of Science from Canterbury University – Majoring in Chemistry.  Dwayne’s training sessions are factual, practical, and delivered in a relaxed manner.  He is always approachable and happy to take the technical and explain it in plain English.