Asbestos in your home

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What's the Deal with Asbestos in or on My Home

Was your house built before 2000? The year 2000 is the date after which as a PCBU or homeowner asbestos is presumed not to be present in the materials used to build/line or furnish homes or businesses.

If you are a homeowner doing works in your own home for yourself, we would strongly encourage you to test likely asbestos containing materials prior to disturbing them (no one wants to do renovations that potentially contaminate the house with asbestos).

If you are a contractor working on a pre 2000 house doing works that could potentially disturb asbestos you will need to get an asbestos refurbishment survey completed that encompasses the scope of work you are undertaking.

If you’d like to talk to our asbestos consultants about whether you need a refurbishment survey contact one of our IP404 qualified surveyors today.  Chemsafety is IANZ accredited for asbestos surveys and has an IANZ accredited laboratory for sample analysis.